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We Are Blue Morpho Yoga

Blue Morpho Valencia Logo

The idea was born to open a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica in 2013, but although it was an incredibly beautiful place, I always longed to return to Valencia, the place of my soul. Ken's Lyme disease was a catalyst to approach healing holistically. He healed the disease with herbal medicine and nutrition. This was very empowering for me, it suddenly opened the way to the infinite path of healing, I was no longer afraid of traveling to Africa contracting malaria or even terminal illness. In 2016 I enrolled in a phytotherapy course in California and fell in love with the healing power of plants. I continued with Functional Nutrition and became increasingly curious about holistic healing, but I needed to understand the brain... Training in brain sensing psychology. Through this journey, I was searching and trying to understand the meaning of our existence. Through this, I was going deeper into a spiritual journey. Ken helped me a lot and encouraged me to....   In March 2018 after deep inner work, I knew I had to follow my path: open the healing center near Valencia and enroll in the four-year Naturopathy program where I can deepen my knowledge and create our community. We both decided to dive in, put our fears aside and take the plunge the following fall. After our move in the fall of 2018, the idea of the yoga studio was born to create a space for people to create a community and practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis, and would be linked with the healing center.


We believe that the changes that ultimately shape the world come first from individuals before they become institutional. We are committed to raising consciousness in individuals and through that the broader community and the world at large.


At Blue Morpho we hold the space and foster a supporting community for your journey of transformation to take place.

Butterflies are a powerful symbol for rebirth, transformation, hope and bravery  because of their struggle to become their true selves. Just like us, they have no way to know what is in store for them, nevertheless they trust their inner call and allow their transformation.



Blue Morpho is a beautiful butterfly that lives in the tropical forest of Latin America. Because of the particular structure of its wings, blue on the back and brown on the inside, when flying, it looks like it is appearing and disappearing. A powerful illusion just like the cycle of rebirth, when we are in the heavy physical world - we appear, when we go on the thin spiritual world we disappear, only to come back again and again, dancing in the dual rhythmic of the universe. 



The Blue Morpho butterfly is a native species of Central America. During our time in Costa Rica, we frequently encountered the solitary Blue Morpho gracefully fluttering along the trails. Witnessing the sunlight glisten on its iridescent blue wings, contrasting with the vibrant green jungle, is truly a mesmerizing spectacle. Interestingly, the stunning iridescent blue color is not due to pigmentation, but rather a result of the unique refraction of light off its wings. This phenomenon holds a metaphorical significance, as it reminds us that we, too, can reflect and transform the light that surrounds us into something beautiful. We have the choice to embrace and radiate positivity or succumb to darkness.

The tale of the butterfly is also a tale of metamorphosis and transformation. It begins as a humble caterpillar, bound to the earth and solely focused on consumption and survival. However, within that caterpillar resides the potential for greatness. In order to break free from the limitations of its modest existence and embark on a life of freedom and self-expression, it must undergo a profound process of metamorphosis. Through this transformation, it sheds its old self and realizes its boundless potential. The Blue Morpho butterfly symbolizes this journey of personal growth and discovery. Blue Morpho was created to assist people on that journey.

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