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Move in harmony with life and recognize the temporality of the matter.

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Vinyasa is a perfect metaphor for life, we start in child pose and end in the ultimate resting pose or stillness savasana before moving into a fetal position and finally rise up again. Mimic a rebirth and the eternal cycle of life. In between incarnating the body and leaving it, is movement. In our daily life we can choose to flow seamlessly and peacefully, being present and aware or juggle around, distracted and rushed. Vinyasa aims to help us to learn to move harmoniously through life and in the meantime recognize the temporary nature of our visible world. With each asana, we practice not to become attached, the breath - the vehicle of life, remains the only constant during our practice. While we keep breathing at the same rhythm we hold each posture just for a brief moment, we fully enjoy it and then we let it go.

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Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel, 23, 46005 València, Spain

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