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Teenage Yoga (English)

We offer a safe space for teens to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes


Teen years can be difficult with bodily changes, mood swings and increased stress levels. Teens today get exposure to a lot of information early on, causing excitement, fear, and anxiety. Peer pressure, and self-esteem issues can be difficult to manage. Schools and parents expect teens to excel in the academic sphere, paving the way to a successful and meaningful life. This can all feel pretty overwhelming! Yoga offers great benefits for kids, adults and teens alike. As a yoga teacher Justine wants to help teens sail through challenging times better with increased physical, mental and emotional well being. Yoga can seem like an intimidating practice but we will keep it very simple, the spiritual aspect of the ancient yoga philosophy will NOT be at the center of the classes. The first essential goal is for teens to learn to connect to themselves, getting to know who they are and how they feel within as well as learning to make choices that honor their own needs. It is about learning techniques for finding inner peace and calm, even within the most hectic environments. Physically yoga is great for body awareness and coordination, to improve posture, for a healthy mobile and strong body, it helps increase energy while promoting concentration and focus, and so much more... In these classes we will explore many aspects of the yoga practice, including introduction to meditation, gentle stretches, more dynamic movements and relaxation. They will be adapted according to the energy on the day, different options will be offered to adjust any movements, and the pace will be slow and mindful. If you feel your teen could benefit from this you are welcome to come meet us, invite him/her to try a class without any expectation or pressure. Justine is an experienced 34 years old yoga teacher, passionate about helping people on their journey within themselves, to feel good in their body and mind... She feels the yoga practice would have truly benefited her as a teenager going through pretty much all of the above challenges mentioned. She hopes to guide young adults advance through this essential period of growth with the best possible tools.

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  • Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel

    Blue Morpho | Centro Holístico Valencia, Carrer de Lluís de Santàngel, 23, València, Spain

    +34 627-449-625

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