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In the western world, although we often associate meditation only with


In the western world, although we often associate meditation only with eastern religion, we have come to the realization that the practice of it releases stress and in general contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that meditation has always been an intrinsic aspect of all religions. We meditate, we pray, we contemplate God, we practice shamanic rituals and we may use different techniques to reach the same destination: peace and enlightenment. Truly meditating doesn't mean to shut ourselves in our inner world, on the contrary, it means experiencing reality without the distraction caused by constant thinking. We let the world come to us instead of trying too hard to make sense of it with rationality. Our thoughts are separating us from the outside world. In other words, we perceive ourselves as our ego therefore conceive the world and other people like something distinct from us. Ancient Indian tradition refers to it as Maya, the illusion of self and the cause of all pain. Meditation allows us to experience unity with the universe. Awakening happens when we recognize duality, the self and the outer world, as one and when we truly come to understand it freedom and happiness will come and stay within us.

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