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Zen Room

Ruzafa, Valencia

30 m²


Discover Tranquility and Flexibility at Blue Morpho, Valencia!

Host massages, or private healing sessions in an environment designed to uplift and inspire. Our serene haven, nestled in Ruzafa, presents an exceptional opportunity for room rental, available both hourly and daily.

Grounding and Radiant Light: The exotic hardwood floors underfoot provide a warm base for your practice. Natural light streams through ample windows, infusing the room with brightness and positivity.

Embrace Transformation: Blue Morpho Valencia radiates an energy that nurtures and uplifts. Here, you'll discover the power of transformation—where dreams take flight, connections grow, and well-being flourishes.

We have 2 room options available: one for massage and the other one for private consultations.



  • Price: €12/hour, or €10/hour with a 10 hour package/month IVA not included

  • Features: Exotic hardwood floors, natural light, sink, AC/heat.

  • Amenities: Massage table, and/or desk, office chair, guest chair

  • Minimum Booking: 3 hours


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Monday to Friday
9:00 - 22:00 

9:00 - 22:00

To reserve

Calle Luis Santangel 23, Valencia 46005

+34 627449625 (Call or Whatsapp)

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