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We have prepared a FAQ sheet for you to download which we hope will answer your questions.

If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

How to book with Bizum and Timp

1- Download the TIMP application through the welcome email
(you only have a few hours to sign up through this email, if you run out of time,
please send me a message to 627-449-625 and I’ll resend the welcome letter)
2- Choose your quota from the previous pages.
3- Make a bizum with your name in the subject to 627-449-625 or drop by with cash.
4- I’ll enter your payment in Timp.
5- In Timp's calendar, register for the class.
*It is required to register for a class to confirm your attendance.
6- You will receive a confirmation email.
7- Read the Privacy Policy and sign the contract.

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