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Full Moon Sound Healing Bath & Cacao Ceremony

If you've ever experienced a sound bath, you know that the feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation is unlike anything else. Crystal singing bowls are incredibly powerful tools for meditation and healing.

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Full Moon Sound Healing Bath & Cacao Ceremony
Full Moon Sound Healing Bath & Cacao Ceremony

Time & Location

24 feb 2024, 20:00 – 21:30

València, C/ de Lluís de Santàngel, 23, L'Eixample, 46005 València, Valencia, Spain

About the event

If you have ever experienced a Sound Bath, you know the feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation is unlike anything else. Crystal Singing Bowls are incredibly powerful tools for meditation and healing. Doing so in alignment with the energy of the moon at its state of being full or new can deepen intentions and the process of letting go that which no longer serves in your life. 

In these sacred sessions, Lizzy will guide you through an intention setting, moon ceremony, and guided sound healing. You will experience feeling energized and grounded, as well as connected to yourself and a big picture. 

Lizzy serves as a sound healer, reiki master, holistic women's coach and doula. She has been holding moon ceremonies and sound baths for years. She works with a special and rare type of Crystal Alchemy Bowls that create waves of vibrations that wash over your body. In addition to quartz crystal, the bowls are infused with precious metals or gemstones, which add dimension and intention to the sounds. For example, Lizzy’s bowl with Rose Quartz and Mother of Platinum invokes Divine Feminine love. It allows one to step into the gentle, tender understanding and divine feminine wisdom. This bowl is the true expression of love in all of its forms. 

As you drift into a dreamlike state, the sounds create energy shifts inside of your body to rebalance and harmonize your chakras. The session begins with a short relaxation body scan and ends for most in a deep restful state.

Crystal Bowls especially contain vocal formants (the elements of sound that make vowels). The bowl allows for sounds to resonate similar to a human’s voice (hence why they are called Singing Bowls). 

The sound of singing is one of the most calming experiences and evokes memories ranging from our mother’s singing to us in the womb to the transformative effect of chanting “OM” in yoga. 

When two bowls of similar frequency vibrate together, they can create a Binaural Beat. Binaural Beats help to entrain your brainwaves and help to bring you to a Theta meditation state. Studies show that these sounds can treat mental health imbalances including anxiety, depression and dis-ease in the body. Sound healing dates back to Ancient Egypt where hospitals had sound healing treatment rooms. 

The cacao that you’ll enjoy comes from heritage Criollo cacao trees that grow in the sacred valley of San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala, overlooking the serene waters of Lake Atitlan. This ceremonial grade plant medicine is hand picked, peeled, fermented and prepared in a traditional method by a community of Kaqchikel Mayan women. It is blessed before being sent out. Because of its origin, this cacao contains lower levels of caffeine than most others and has an extremely high ratio of antioxidants.

It is recommend that guests lie in a comfortable place (yoga mat, blanket, cushion) and to have layers of clothing or blankets for comfort. 

Please bring any crystals or sacred objects to support your meditation. Do not eat a heavy meal beforehand. Please bring extra water and stay hydrated.

Price: 24 euros per cushion, or 20 euros per session bono for four sessions.

To reserver your spot please send a Bizum payment with your full name and phone number to: 624-507-817

It is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffeine, or heavy foods in the hours before the session.

Please  bring any pillows, blankets, or comfortable layers. Water is  recommended to stay hydrated. You’re also welcome to bring any crystals,  tokens, a journal, or any sort of support for your experience.

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